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By alan-us - 2018-08-22 06:02:24 in General Discussion
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Is the game dead? It's been almost a month since there was new news on the site, which was news of Ankama in general and not about Krosmaga. The game is boring, it has been more than eight months that there is no new expansion and there is no sign of life Ankama on the game site. And am I the only one that didn't liked that you can't evolve infinite cards anymore? ..
By alan-us - 2017-06-04 23:13:34 in Your Decks
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It's worth buying all the dungeon cards all at once, or picking one up at a time, fighting the boss?
By alan-us - 2017-02-17 22:15:17 in Game balance and improvement
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Will you release new Gods?