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our damage has been entirely removed , and it looks like the only proper way to play sacri in the beta is by only using life stealing spells , the self-damaging spells are entirely useless , in no situation is it worth getting hit for that much for a slight increase in damage when you have life steal spells that are close in damage but help you stay alive. the damage increase that comes from voluntarily taking your hp should be much higher than it is , using  self-damaging spells as they are in...
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I talked dto the xelor npc in fornt of xelor temple , who asks me to get a fragment from an anomaly close to my level I'm lvl 99 and I fought the anomaly monsters at lvl 90 , the fight ends and nothing drops even though the drop is 100% ??? did anyone finish this quest or is it bugged ?
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is anyone doing this quest ? , I'm at the mutatrich part the one we need to hit a 100 times , I usually die before I can get to that number , so if anyone wants to help , mp me , name : Myrkk , server : Echo

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