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Aka Cica Ecaflip Lvl 200 Remington
Akosh Iop Lvl 141 Remington
Ördögöcske Osamodas Lvl 59 Remington
Ördögöcske Osamodas Lvl 54 Nox
Craftwerk Cra Lvl 51 Remington
Ribizli Pandawa Lvl 50 Remington
Szadita Sadida Lvl 48 Remington
Futa Cica Ecaflip Lvl 48 Remington
Szerafina Ecaflip Lvl 48 Remington
Akosh Ecaflip Lvl 23 Nox
Ördögöcske Osamodas Lvl 15 Phaeris
Futanari Ecaflip Lvl 11 Phaeris
Cicafiu Ecaflip Lvl 7 Nox
Sandy Candy Ecaflip Lvl 6 Nox
Latte Meowchiato Ecaflip Lvl 6 Nox

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By aka42 - 2018-05-20 23:11:50 in Trade
2 324
If anyone has a Wodent Costume for sale, message me! Meow~ :3
By aka42 - 2017-04-14 02:32:01 in General Discussions
6 697
Ahoy! :3

Am i missing something here? Because, i can not find the „Change Nation” button ingame, what is shown on this picture here:What and where did i miss something out? i have the required 40000 Kamas to change the nation.
Thanks for the answers~