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Selling otomai set age old hat and belt all maged perfectly with overmaged intell, have major survivor major scholar voyager jackanapes ,Gelano +30 int , Eme-Ging DT max lvl
Pm Admired ingame
By aidibossi - 2014-05-11 15:52:00 in Solar
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As the title says the guild Destiny member of [IRON] alliance is recruting friendly and active members by our side.
The guild has some pretty good players in it that are willing to help each other and are very active in AvA (mostly perc attacks).

If you are interested to learn more send a message to : Admired , or Extreme-eca.
Thanks - Adi
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Buying ~37 Sinistrofu wings for about 60kk each reply with ingame name so we can make the trade.
Thats all thx.