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By aidenmbd - 2009-05-08 15:40:47 in General Class Discussion
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I know to level int. But after gobbal, im a bit confused. Should i level ghostly? and after that? Toad or bear?
Please just put 1-100 spell wise please. Thanks in advance.

By aidenmbd - 2008-12-20 12:04:16 in General Class Discussion
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Hello, I am a level 65 pure support eni, and at the monent I'm use the Golden Scarabgly set(for greater revit, and good life) and Fire Kwak(for greater damage and better word of sacrifice,but bad life). I am planing to use either the Feudala or Vassal set(or maybe Custom?), so that is my first quesion, which should i choose? My second question is, because Feudala can only be fully equiped at level 98, and Vassal at 105, shoul i buy a set for level 80??

So basiclly i'm asking,
Should i use Vassal,Feudala...