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Miku Xii Huppermage Lvl 190 Rubilax
Aeinn Pandawa Lvl 181 Rubilax
Swagaty De Booty Masqueraider Lvl 181 Rubilax
Herpaderpa Doo Da Do Xelor Lvl 170 Rubilax
Jenny Derp Rogue Lvl 125 Rubilax
Muuyun Eliotrope Lvl 114 Rubilax
Johny Derp Rogue Lvl 24 Rubilax
Gasrupa Eniripsa Lvl 22 Rubilax
Somebody Ecaflip Lvl 15 Rubilax
PHA-Aeinn Sacrier Lvl 11 Rubilax
PHA-Jenny Derp Rogue Lvl 8 Rubilax

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By aeinn - 2021-08-03 11:25:10 in Huppermage
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How to generate 4 runes using only 2 elements:
For player who don't understand the image, please check out my previous guide:
Hupper: mono air rune rotation - WAKFU FORUM: Discussion forum for the WAKFU MMORPG, Massively multiplayer online role-playing game

The purpose of this sequence is to improve upon the legacy 4 spell 4 rune meta. Though costing more than traditional 4 spells, this sequence utilise more spell from AIR tree while ending with extra element mastery steal which would...
By aeinn - 2021-08-02 14:43:35 in Huppermage
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After a long long procrastination, I've finally made my guide visually so ppl can understand it better.
Among all the combo I've previously mentioned, air rotation combo imo is the most optimised combo because it has the shortest cycle and fits perfectly due to the spell: DISC.

This guide will showcase how to maintain 4 runes EVERY SINGLE TURN using just 6AP. Not just that, this combo have also been adjusted so that you will always ended up on AIR rune as last generated, boosting the dmg even more...
3 2031
Table of Content:

What I think that makes Hupper unique is the ability to adapt all element in equal strength. Compare to different classes that might excel and do more damage in certain element, Hupper damage is far from impressive. But on a huge group fight where certain enemy have weaker resistant on certain element, Hupper might be able to deal decent but stable damage, rather than being hard...