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By abuzerrr - 2010-03-04 18:07:30 in Meetings
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Hello anyone. I was playing dofus but no i cant play because my account banned (im geting back it) I am from Turkey. My name is Abuzer =)
Who is Turk moderating on forum or game?

Thx alot. I hope see you in game )

By abuzerrr - 2010-03-02 10:18:47 in Problems and solutions
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Hello, i have a problem with Ankama Support. I have sent tickets about my banned. They banned me for no reason... I am waiting for answer for 3-4 mounts... I've sent tickets several times, but couldn't get a single well-informing response. Why they dont answer me? I am very sad for my account. I cannot leave from dofus. With this topic, I just hope to catch your attention and let you realize how unfair you've been to me. "Ankama Support" Thanks Regards.