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Thank you for trying to give me some assistance, I contacted the Ankama support, but they are not replying, I sent two emails already but with no response, do you know someone can actually do something about it? What else I need to do? send a proper hand letter to the office on Roubaix? 
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ANKAMA SUPPORT, to whom it may concern:

Why you removed the direct credit card payments? No PayPal as well? Is the most reliable, secure and popular online payments service all around the world, I don't understand why is not available anymore, I been trying to purchase my monthly Ogrines batch, but again over and over every month a new issue comes up when I try to pay,  How do you expect me to buy Ogrines then? check my purchasing history, I'm not a weak consumer. I'm just tired of your lack of...
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Hi Ankama support thank you for your quick response. Yes I did tried purchasing from different website, I tried EN and ES as well, Im playing on Echo, I created my acc when it was Rushu long time ago. I didn't wanted to sound rude, just saying the facts, because I spend considerable money on Ogrines and P2P membership every month, you can review my account history to testify. This offer will expire, and Im not going to be able to get it before then.
Is really not the first time that Im facing troubles...