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I really liked the Enu's loot drops but with the nerfs that came I don't think it has better drops than any other chance character, correct me if I am wrong.
So, what are generally good chance classes? And what class should I choose? The role doesn't matter that much as long as mostly it utilizes chance better than any characteristics.
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My main proffesion is hunting and I really enjoy it, therefor, I wanted to base my other professions off of it in order to enjoy professions overall, I thought about alchemist and tailor as hunter for food, alchemist for potions, tailor need resources mostly from the other 2, but I am not experienced to verify weither that is true or not, what do you think?
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One is better in prospecting since I am a hunter and better in target manipulation as in MP and AP reduction with an extra MP, but lacks damage and HP that the other set has.