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Nezinaur Eniripsa Lvl 112 Rubilax
NOX-Nezakan Rogue Lvl 66 Rubilax
Nezirawr Osamodas Lvl 41 Rubilax
Nezikama Enutrof Lvl 26 Rubilax
Nezimawz Masqueraider Lvl 1 Rubilax
Rusen Rogue Lvl 1 Pandora

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By Zyridiz - 2014-01-22 00:51:37 in Sadida
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Whenever I see a Sadida combat stance, I can't help shake a certain feeling. For a while, I couldn't really describe it, and I was surprised just how picky I am about it. The general version of how I feel, is that I don't like it. The more accurate description would be - that whenever I see the stance, I don't feel like it fits within the game.

I've started a Sadida a few times, and have grouped with a few from time to time. When I group with them, or especially when I play one, my attention to...
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I can't find the Riktus Elite dungeon in Brakmar. Halp me!!!
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Restrictions, potency, and costs of Eni's spells (mostly Fire) needs to be adjusted. The wait for a turn is far too long, and when it's finally your turn, you can't do much like the rest of your party -- simply feels like the payoff doesn't match the cost.