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Kylo Ren Feca Lvl 199 Efrim
The Valeyard Iop Lvl 197 Efrim
Valeyard Enutrof Lvl 124 Efrim
David Bowie Cra Lvl 124 Efrim
Booker Dewitt Xelor Lvl 117 Efrim
Demonic Right Hand Sram Lvl 17 Remington
Divine Left Hand Iop Lvl 1 Remington
Demonc Right Hand Sram Lvl 1 Remington

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Unlike the Show-Off thread i want to focus purely on Dungeon and see what you guys been doing lately, no item related please.
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For ranged DD's, i always caught up in arguments with friends trying to show them Nio is best because i like the critical damage and i just think Nio+kokoconcord is better than "Insert hat"+Belt of winds.
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who's with me on this one?

ZweiFates|2016-02-03 19:30:38who's with me on this one? 5-10k would be fair.