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since Thursday 28.06. I have been getting this error while trying to run the game, I tried reinstalling several times, I'm still getting the same error. Please help

Forgot to add a log file, so here it is:

Never mind, fixed it by changing my internet proxy settings
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Hello everyone,
I was wondering if it would be a good idea to make previous seasons' platforms available for purchase for players who started recently, or maybe for some of us who had no time to play so we missed them
Please toss us a bone D:
By Zuranthus - 2017-12-29 13:51:29 in Bugs and troubles on computer
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Game version ->
OS version of your computer -> Windows 7 Home Premium
Time and date of encounter -> 29.12.2017. date of reproduction
Description of the problem -> Iop Card Gzenah does not gain a +1 AT if an Iop minion buffs her AT as well, e.g. Katsu Mi or Klassy Tom.
What should happen -> Gzenah should receive the +1 AR AND +1 AT when an Iop minion enters play.
Reproduction rate -> Easily reproducible by playing Katsu Mi or Klassy Tom and selecting Gzenah as the target...