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Solanine Cra Lvl 143 Rubilax
Rahfie Iop Lvl 123 Rubilax
Delphinia Sadida Lvl 118 Rubilax
Heart Drops Eniripsa Lvl 91 Rubilax
Vertani Eliotrope Lvl 44 Rubilax
Feroxie Sacrier Lvl 44 Rubilax
Itokai Feca Lvl 35 Rubilax
Aeruna Osamodas Lvl 35 Rubilax
Flechre Cra Lvl 20 Rubilax
REM-Komali Cra Lvl 17 Rubilax
Ronua Iop Lvl 5 Rubilax

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By Zorael - 2017-01-25 02:36:17 in Fan Art
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Hey, everyone! After months of being inactive on the forums, I'm back with some new art. :3c

Unfortunately, the blog I'd been posting all of my art too in the past got deleted through an unfortunate turn of events, so I've lost a good chunk of what I would be able to share... That being said, I still have a few things I can share with you all now!

By Zorael - 2016-05-10 02:53:11 in Fan Art
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Hey, everyone! I'm Mel, aka Aeruna on the Nox Server, and I love to draw! For a long time now, I've been really invested in the animated series. As you can probably guess from the previous statement, I've drawn quite a bit of Wakfu fanart.

Here are some examples of my art!

I hope to post more in the future, and maybe reopen kama commissions, but that's all for now, folks!
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Hello, everyone! My name is Mel (or Tai!), and I play on the Nox server with my Cra, Aeruna. I've been playing Wakfu on and off for over a year and a half now, and have watched the television series... Far too many times. If you'd like a rough estimate, I'd say I've watched it around 20 times all the way through. Needless to say, I like Wakfu a little too much. Anyway, I haven't been too active on the forums, but I do check them rather frequently. I figured it was time to formally introduce myself...