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By Zombie-Chicken - 2014-02-20 20:42:19 in Ecaflip
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I was just wondering what people think is currently the best mount for a str eca who mostly does PvM but also PvP, I know that there are some new mounts one of which gives 140str but should i go for a ginger emerald for the mp and vit (also so i can use jakanapes and still have mp). Also is 11ap really required for a eca or is it only fr those who really want to PvP. thank you for any help.
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Hey, currently my charcters are on Rushu but all of the people i used to know on it have now gone so i think its time for a new start. I was wondering if it were possible for someone to describe the current state of the remaining UK servers Rosal Shika and Solar. What I am looking for is a active server with numerous guilds etc and one that is not as elitist and PvP orientated as Rushu.

Thank you for any help
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I currently have a int feca,support eni and a chance sac and am looking for a new addition to my team, i know i probably need a heavy hitter but am unsure as to what one to get. Any advice would be great.