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Isato Masqueraider Lvl 186 Remington
Dogzy Ouginak Lvl 176 Remington
Gnizo Foggernaut Lvl 170 Remington
Anasazi Ecaflip Lvl 168 Remington
Hazul Huppermage Lvl 161 Remington
Evok Eliotrope Lvl 133 Phaeris
Yazmul Sram Lvl 131 Phaeris
Lorax Ecaflip Lvl 127 Phaeris
Hasul Osamodas Lvl 123 Phaeris

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By ZiggyHaseo - 2016-07-28 16:25:08 in Technical Issues
5 873
I already had posted on forum the comunication that in the last update that two of my equipments has dissapeared. I even had stoped play while waiting. But til now nothing changed, my item still missed and i didnt got any reply from Ankama. Why you guys are so slow? I want the itens back or I will stop play this game.
By ZiggyHaseo - 2016-07-15 12:25:17 in Technical Issues
2 518
After this last update, i saw that two of my char equipment has been gone.
When i logged today it was replaced of crap itens.

It was one magmog epau and magmog ring