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You may have noticed the appearance of a few stories involving a character named Jerad. The same "Jerad" has also been making appearances in a few roleplays, where he does nothing of importance. Now you get to learn who he is and where he came from. (Just pretend that you wanted to know)

Name: Jerad

Jerad is a Sacrier. He was born in mid western Amakna, in the great swamps that dominate this area. Throughout his early life , he became highly agile and flexible, mainly due to the constant need to...
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Jerad the Sacrier stood in the shadow of a beautiful old oak tree, staring intently at the gobball warchief that would soon become his prey, and perhaps the days meal. He appraised the beast's beauty, watching it's huge horns glimmer in the hot morning sun. Its wool appeared of the finest quality, soft and fluffy. Its hide would make the best leather money could buy. It was a shame that he would have to kill it.

He pounced out of his repose, quickly drawing his short hunting knife. He landed near...