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It seems like Toot's ability doesn't work properly after the newest patch. 
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Hey everyone!

While we're all enjoying the new content ( Personally, I love it! ) I would like to take a moment and present you my newest design. A lot of blood, sweat and tears ( pun intended ) has been committed to create it... I'm kidding. There were more fun than blood + less tears and sweat. Here's the final result:
And here's the card version:
AP Cost, rarity, AT etc. are all random. I would see her as a supporting tank with moderate AP cost, low attack and high health. 

That's it for...
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Hello everyone!

Xelor has always been one of my favourites, well who wouldn't like to control time and magic. On the other hand, there're these nasty, devious demons which love to wreck havoc... yes I'm talking about Shushus. Since there're only few Shushu cards in game ( for now, I guess ) I decided to make a new one. The fusion of Xelor and Shushu seems to be an interesting concept and I would love to see it in game... so, that being said let's take a look at the result of my work

Here's the...