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By Zenari - 2022-11-09 21:25:51 in Guilds
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Hello all! We are Pedantic, a level 10 English speaking guild interested in recruiting new members. We are a small, tight-knit guild primarily involved in ALS content of the level brackets 125, 140, 155, 170, 185, and 200. None of our members 6-box, so the only way anyone in this guild runs a dungeon is with a friend (or two).

We ask only that you be able to communicate in English and that you be nice! There is no restriction on activity to join, but we do ask that you be at level 125 or higher---otherwise...
By Zenari - 2022-10-26 01:44:41 in Eliotrope
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Hello all,

I have several questions about how certain sublimations interact with the Eliotrope's class passives. I shall list them in order.

1.) Mobile Warrior converts 2 Range into 1 MP at the start of the fight. Wield-type: Shield converts positive Range into 1 MP at the start of the fight. Which of these activates first? Can I have 2 Range from gear and enter a fight to get 8 MP, or would I only have 7?

2.) The sublimation Featherweight gives %DI for each MP you have over 4 at the start of...
By Zenari - 2022-10-03 08:53:50 in General Discussions
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I think it would very helpful to the game at large if there was a good resource for where to obtain sublimations and what effects those sublimations have. For example, if I look up the sublimation Featherweight III on the official Ankama website, here is what I get:
This does not tell me where I can get this sublimation nor what effect the sublimation has. As these items are so incredibly important to the high level Wakfu play, I think that there should be some resource that clearly labels...