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Timer dosn't end turn after timer is up(on 2nd turn)

been afk first round, so my second round timer should be quicker around 20sec right? but after the bar that indicate timer goes off but it's still enemy turn and not time up.

By Zelvoka - 2016-11-23 09:37:59 in Your Decks
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ATM i think Sacrier is the best god around now after patch 0.8.4!

Best at early- to -late stage. (24 summon 21 spells) not going to post my build.

The Eye Deck!
*Basic card introduction*

Moribund ( God like card that adds 3 AT 2 AR die's end of turn!) Yea you saw it right die end of TURN and it can place on enemy so they will die at next turn!
1) find something big that hard to kill just place this spell on them LOL.
2) if your summon are in line to reach TOFU and enemy can't kill you (after +2...
By Zelvoka - 2016-11-19 17:47:06 in Game balance and improvement
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With all those nerf on ENIRIPSA and XELOR Cra is back to its game! SACRIER and high level SRAM is now CRA only bane.

I'm level 65 with ENIRIPSA before update it's really imbalance previously with all those AT boost. but now its so so