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As the title says, it appears the ogrine limit didn't refresh today? I should be able to purchase enough ogrines to class change, however I'm still seeing the message "you have exceeded the amount of ogrines that can be purchased". When I look through my payment history, I haven't exceeded the 60k ogrines weekly nor the 150k ogrines monthly. Nor do I have more than 180k ogrines on my account >_>.

So I don't know what could be the issue, but suffice to say this ambiguous message that doesn't...
By ZeltsBax - 2010-10-31 13:04:25 in Subscription and payment
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Well apparently you can make a maximum number of 10 transactions using Boku/Paymo. If you try to make an 11th transaction, you will not be able to buy anything, AND you're account will get banned. I sent a ticket and still awaiting a response, but thought I'd give people a warning before this happens to them.