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Zeke Green Osamodas Lvl 200 Nox
Koutetsu-Kun Feca Lvl 186 Nox
Xaro Noir Xelor Lvl 171 Nox
Terran Wolfbane Sadida Lvl 152 Nox
Aiden Fireheart Iop Lvl 148 Nox
Zeke Green Osamodas Lvl 32 Remington

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Governor Zeke Green
presentsOn Sunday the 5th @ 4:30PM Pacific Daylight time the Amakna government will be hosting an international event centered around a party game called Mafia. Some older players may remember events like this from a few years back and this will be the same as then. For those newer players, I will outline the game:

-All participants will be citizens of a town
-A certain number of the citizens (based on the total number of players) will be randomly assigned as members of the Mafia.
By Zeke-Green - 2016-01-26 00:28:29 in Guilds
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For many moons, our once well-known guild has been near empty and deserted, but for a few loyal members. Now that our old leader has returned, the time has come for us to become a grand guild once more.

About Us:

Damascus is an older guild that has been around for a long time. We originally started out as a private/social guild, but over time we have become an open, friendly, PvE centered guild. We host a wide range of players, with the bulk of our players being anywhere from 120 to 180 or so....