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Zeke Green Osamodas Lvl 203 Rubilax
Koutetsu-Kun Feca Lvl 187 Rubilax
Xaro Noir Xelor Lvl 175 Rubilax
Aiden Fireheart Iop Lvl 170 Rubilax
Terran Wolfbane Sadida Lvl 152 Rubilax
REM-Zeke Green Osamodas Lvl 40 Rubilax

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By [Shop] - 2020-08-20 16:00:00 in News
4 213
When we have actual Dragoturkey's to ride, the point of this is what, exactly...?
By [Ankama]WAKFU - 2020-06-02 16:00:00 in News
46 2002
As always, Ankama refuses to listen to anyone. Goodbye, Feca. Goodbye half the level 200 players.
By [Ankama]WAKFU - 2020-06-01 17:30:00 in Devblogs
212 6339
It took me 3 blasted YEARS, down to the very day, to reach level 200 on one, single character! Not only that, but it's been 3 years since that and I still have not been able to complete a full set of gear because of your inane gear upgrades and random enchanting system.

Now suddenly you're telling me that ALL that work is about to be for NOTHING!?

Mark my words, Ankama, if you do this, the level 200 playerbase, which undeniably represents your most loyal and steadfast customers who have hung around...