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By Zealot79 - 2015-10-06 14:49:31 in Professions
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Good day,

I am wanting to do some crafting as far as farming / hunting / fishing / alchemy, but I need items like lemons or onions,

before these use to be sold at a grocery,

where do I find them now?
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Good day,

I am currently returning to dofus and wanted to make some changes to my team

I have a lvl 189 cha sac, 183 cha enu, 170sih int iop, 150ish int eni, 150ish int osa, 140 str feca and have never gone past frighost 1, was starting 60sih panda and 60sh sram,

I want to go for a 4 man team and I understand I may need to swap out some characters and start over,

I want to aim for end game content PVM oriented and i seem to have gone too far on the support side,


here are my thoughts: