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Sram Lvl Omega 31 Echo
Bunnies with Lazers
Eliotrope Lvl 170 Ilyzaelle

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By ZeRoyal - 2017-04-04 16:45:57 in Sram
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The new dofus patch 2.41 brought new shields with interesting effects and alot of questions. I am currently a level 199 Agi Sram and everyone i ask answers differently on my questions, that's why im here. These are my questions:
Does poison count as melee or ranged damage (poisons are indirect damage, but can they still be melee/ranged damage?) Traps can count as both depending on where you stand, but if i stand next to someone and push them into a trap further away will it still count as...
By ZeRoyal - 2016-05-24 01:00:20 in Sadida
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How well are endgame Sadidas doing? I'm mainly talking about pve, I haven't really seen any sadida run the harder newer dungeons.

i've been thinking about making one but since their endgame is very unclear for me i can't make up my mind.

Also if someone could help me with a lvl 160 chance set for my sadi(if i make one) that would be great ^^
By ZeRoyal - 2016-05-14 12:46:47 in General Class Discussion
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I'm mainly focusing on omni type of builds and since Eca and Hupper are great omni classes i can't decide between these two.