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Member since 2008-01-18


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Cra Lvl 199 Echo
Wacky Ohwhyme

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I still can't logg on to the servers,
is it just me, or is the maintenance still up? If so: is there an ETA as to when servers will be open?
8 1428

So I thought they fixed the impossible community challenges, but today I just lost another 400kk on an impossible challenge (although this one was totally on me! I should have known it was impossible)

Here's proof of the challenge (name of creator is hidden, but I got a copy where it is visible, if any MOD wants it)

Is there any way I'll ever see my 400kk back?

edit: to clarify: boostache is in heavy and rooted state during the entire fight; and it cannot be unbewitched. So not only...
2 587
I think there's a lettre missing there. Shouldn't it say "you'll find him in hiS shop" ?