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Chorulia Huppermage Lvl 215 Rubilax
Zepharina Osamodas Lvl 196 Rubilax
Cyrinia Eniripsa Lvl 193 Rubilax
Zarenno Huppermage Lvl 6 Rubilax

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I have just completed the Eliocalypse quest-line (Osamodas Portion) where the questline is as follows:
 Quick Rundown: Spoiler (click to display text)  You basically start the continuation of the Eliocalypse quest after reaching 200 (If you have already finished the 186 boss battle with Harebourg). You talk to Otomai and he directs you to the Osamodas area so that you can talk to the god and get some help. When you arrive, you must talk to a miner dragon and kill some annoying sadida ultra powerfuls (that...
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This may sound like whining but I assure you something is wrong with the new system. In the past week since the update has been out I had saved a bunch of equipment for me to roll when the enchantment system changed. Some of the items were 2 legendary shiver rings, 2 leganos, some legendary boots etc. There were a total of 11 items that are 200 and hard to make. Each roll of these items was exactly two slots. So I had to go back and make another legano so that I could maybe sacrifice it to make more...
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I have a friend who plays feca and they can place glyphs that give armor instead of inflicting damage on the friendly player. While this is all well and good it turns out the armor it gives isnt based on the armor giving stat of the feca alone, but also the res of the person receiving the armor. In the images below you can see that I have 77% res and I only received like 800 armor. We tested again and I took off all my armor except (forgot my bow, doesnt have any armor buffs or debuffs) and it put...