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Zansky Ecaflip Lvl 200 Nox
Endzeit Iop Lvl 200 Nox
Edelweiss Seele Eniripsa Lvl 200 Nox
Nein Tails Ecaflip Lvl 144 Nox
Nineli Eniripsa Lvl 1 Remington

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By Zansky - 2017-09-05 20:03:40 in Trade
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By Zansky - 2017-08-15 23:49:37 in Trade
0 220
Badgerox Claw: 500kk each (need 12)

Badgerox Fang: 10kk each (need 120-ish)

Please reply here or PM me in-game! Thank you.

IGN: Zansky
By Zansky - 2017-08-05 21:55:14 in General Discussions
157 7117
I quote,

"This new patch will bring two changes to the game:
- Addition of pop-ups to highlight the advantages of the Booster ..."

Uhm...what? Please don't do this, Ankama. :l

Are you guys just talkin' a once-off window that comes up when players log in? A window that comes up every so often when online? Err what? I don't quite like the sound of this. I mean, I am an active booster player myself, but, if I were to put myself in the shoes of those who don't pay for booster it just..doesn't feel...