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So I had a question on Foggernauts that I posted in the class section but when I looked after I posted I was posting as some random account? I have never used the account before or anything like that so how was I logged into an account that I don't know the username or password? It literally was just some random account that I apparently was somehow already logged into!

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Zane H
ps: I think this is the forum section where you should post it. It says problems but as long as it wasn't...
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So right now for my agility characters I have The following or around level 70 :
Toady +62
Carniverous Staff +22
Set bonus +50
Total : 134

Mad Tofu Cloak : +94

Aerdala Geta: +22
Aerdala Amulet: +25
Aerdala Ring +19
Aerdala Belt: +34
Set Bonus: +30
Total: 130

Total agility from items: 359

Now my thinking is 359 agility is great, and when look up other agility sets in the 100s, specifically the white rat set, it does not give as much agility, same with if i swap the Other stuff for the rest of...
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Out of Character
This will be my journal for my character: Magpie-Hordmongerer
He is my Sadida who specializes in crafting items (and by specialize I mean he is new to the crafting game)
He refuses to wear anything he has not made himself.

He hordes all he can, keeping everything to himself as he knows one day they will have a use.
In this journal Magpie will be recording the items he has found a crafted together.
It will be a combination of his personal thoughts and the item descriptions given...