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Leonhard Segundo Feca Lvl 115 Elbor
Alkaizam Huppermage Lvl 32 Elbor
Gavan Foggernaut Lvl 9 Elbor

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By ZamuroPrime - 2019-07-15 04:29:27 in Off Topic
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Good afternoon, I am writing to you for an irregularity I am an old player but I can not access my account it is mentioned that my data is not valid I need to know if 1 moderator or admin could tell me if my old account is deleted due to inactivity or for something that I do not know; I had 1 feca lv 120 bonta on the server of elbor and it gives me laziness to start from zero also when I create 1 new account tells me that the names I use are in use that gives me more doubt I do not know if my character...