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Tallow Rogue Lvl 195 Remington
Mersenne Twister Ecaflip Lvl 190 Remington
Iokheira Cra Lvl 186 Remington
Devereaux Feca Lvl 179 Remington
Thanix Foggernaut Lvl 178 Remington
Kapziel Sram Lvl 171 Remington
Schadenfreude Xelor Lvl 168 Remington
Donut Steel Eliotrope Lvl 166 Remington
Vernost Ouginak Lvl 120 Remington
Felcote Osamodas Lvl 83 Remington
Kapziel Sram Lvl 4 Dathura
Visgadz Iop Lvl 2 Dathura
Dasdsa Enutrof Lvl 2 Dathura

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I'd love to have an Ecology Squad. Emelka in particular is a real pain to deal with. We've spent hours in that place, killing Treechnids and repopulating Arachnees, but there is only so much we can do. Right now, it usually takes about 2 hours to fix the place, and to have to do this on a daily basis is... frankly awful. If we had more people helping, we could do it faster and more often, resulting in less downtime on the nation bonus.

Also... I wish the protection law was working. People are not...