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If you silence the opponent's Eternal Heroine, the AP cost of your minions will not go back down until your turn ends.  Given that the effect is tied to a minion's card effect which is removed when silenced, shouldn't the cost go down immediately instead?
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I assume this is where this suggestion should go, in the "ergonomy" section, which I assume means things that relate to quality of life and ease of use issues.  It would be a lot more convenient to be able to scroll through your card collection with the mouse wheel if possible, instead of needing to click on the arrows.  Not a very major thing, but it's the thing that's just been bugging me the most over the past few days.  
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This is kind of minor, but if you gain extra AP above your current limit, it doesn't seem to show up in the displayed AP counter sometimes.    I played a game as Cra where I had 2 AP in my reserve, and had 3/3 AP starting the turn.  I used my reserve immediately to get a total of 5 AP to play a 5 cost card, reducing my reserve to 0, but the display still showed 3/3 total AP after I had used it.  Assuming I had fallen prey to a bug, which is fine, as this is a beta, I played a 3 cost card, upon...