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Some time since I last logged in krosmaga decided it wants to be in Russian.
I hate playing in russian,it feels unnatural and makes card discussion hard with english speaking people. How do I switch back to english?
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Chat interface is now convoluted and eye bleeding
The movement of "starter deck" to the left of actual decks creates unnecesary confusion that there might be a 4th card slot.
When two cards are drawn animation ony plays for the first one.
In spectator mode you often dont see players dofus at all
Spectator mode also shows "this game is not yet ready" for no reason when it could simply wait before ti will be.

I am fairly ceratin tehre are more things wrong with it, but I already dislike it as it is.
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F2P players will progress way too slwoly because each match is like 20 minutes long.
P2P players will not be inclined to pay because of the outrageous pack prices and card spread between factions.

I feel like this game could be successful by drastically lowering pack price and luring a lot of ppl into paid model.
Personally, I wouldn't play this f2p for sure, and at this moment in time I dont see enough value in buying kamas.