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By ZZGoldeneyesZZ - 2019-09-26 04:00:19 in Guilds
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Good Evening 

i apologize for my poor English in advance 
i love to play the game with people use to have a group on nox but they end up all leaving the game and i end  up alone. that's why i decided to move to remi. i would like to find a active guild with people willing to group to do dungeons and all. 

Kappaincorporated#3079 add me on discord for the info Thank you
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Good Evening 

IG Valkiri 

WTB  Maj'hic Cloak , Neckulele , ivypaulettes, Zinit boots

My Discord Kappaincorporated#3079 Message me if im not online

im Looking for any Rank 

Thank you in advance 
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Thank you for taking time to read my Post

I apologize in advance for my poor english

i have come to a point where random gear smash together wont let me continue.

i don't know what stats should i prioritize first if i'm using a DPT eni Single Target Distance  air/water

do both stats give the same damage ? should i try to maximize both or just focus on one ?

im i using the correct spells for my intention of build? if possible for PVE and PVP if not i prioritize PVM

i'm open to any suggestion...