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REM-Lactose Intolerant Pandawa Lvl 19 Rubilax
Mareyo Rogue Lvl 6 Rubilax

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I'm sure everyone's aware of the proposed HW changes to 1.67. Being a member of a guild without a HW and also an over-sentimental idiot that would feel too guilty to leave said guild for another, I myself am quite looking forward to this update. However, from what I've seen, the removal of penning will leave much to be desired and many people feel like having a HW has lost its uniqueness.

I've also noticed on the equipment screen that there is a suspiciously blank spot in the bottom right corner...
By ZWtcp - 2019-12-25 06:15:03 in Fan Videos
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Long story short, a friend came up with a custom game mode which, if you are familiar with Old School RuneScape's (Group) Ironman mode, adapts those rules to Wakfu. I got really interested in the idea and we developed it further, and now we've recruited a small group of friends who are willing to put themselves through the torture experience to have a good time and relive some nostalgia.

I think this challenge works best if you have a small group able to regularly play together. The main thing,...