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Why in the world would you change the Counter spell on Xelors? That's the last and only thing the Xelors will have left as a defence mechanism.. People nowadays don't even use their close combat weapons, so why in the world would you give us a new useless effect on this spell? People already deal massive of damage against foes, no close combat ability is even needed... Also, most of the Monsters in this game, use a minimum range of 3, which even more makes this spell useless.. The point with this...
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This is outrageous.. Perhaps not many people complain about Pandas but seriously? Compared to Xelors for example, the Xelors can't do sh*t... I mean.. Pandas fill so many many functions... They can add power, add AP, lift effects, lock people no matter element, prevent classes from using weapon, have lots of HP, lots of resistance (litk 50, only by having 20% res eqiupment), get MP, have High damage, and make you lose Power.. That's not all.. Their annoying summon can also get + vit etc...? What?...
By ZWX- - 2013-10-04 02:09:14 in General Discussion
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