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Ztiknl Eniripsa Lvl 169 Rubilax
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Has anybody been able to find the treasure chests in Shhhudoku Kingdom?

Did it on main character some time ago using the Method guide, but now that the map has been revamped, the old locations no longer exist.

Coordinates would be great, screenshots even better!


Found the first one (requires IDS):

-6 / -1

Map: Location (walk in between these rocks to reach a hidden location):

By ZTiK-nl - 2020-12-14 21:38:25 in General Discussions
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First of all, I'm running Wakfu launcher from Steam in Linux.

On December 8th, suddenly achievements started working for me, and I unlocked 9/36 achievements at once.
1. Do achievements work for Windows/Steam now as well?
A friend checking under Windows, also 36 achievements available now

2. Can we expect more achievements to follow?
Would be awesome if 'Steam achievements' would mirror 'ingame achievements'

For those interested, this is a list of all achievements I can see in Steam / Linux:

10 427
Dear Ankama...

I submitted a bugreport over a month ago, Lennald questline not able to continue for the fire/water costume and emote.
Not only did you appear to ignore the issue (other ppl confirmed the bug too, but no official response), but even worse, now my entire post seems to be gone.

Please reactivate all 1.69 bugreports, a lot of them have NOT been fixed...

(Sorry for my earlier comment, it appears I judged too quickly...)