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By Yuki2012 - 2015-12-05 20:15:44 in Markets of Rushu
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Well i am selling my emerald dofus.

Pm me ing : Ace-Roxz, Getdolled-t or Rhinopallo
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Hello there fellow Dofus players,

I am Getdolled-t ingame.
I've played dofus for about 5-6 months but i decided to quit since there was not really anything to do anymore.
I've tried to come back to the game, but i am poor asf and my 2 100 wis sweets for 30 fights or w/e will be exchangeable the 21th of decembre, so i might return at that date, but what i've seen is is when i try to find an ACTIVE guild, nobody wants to take me for xping...... so this kinda makes me doubting if i should return or...
By Yuki2012 - 2015-05-29 15:39:52 in Fan Art and Videos
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Yo guys, i really want to start streaming dofus, but i need a layout and stuff.
If anyone could help me make one that'd be great
pm me here so that we can talk on skype or w/e