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Member since 2014-04-16


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Last login: 2019-05-23


Crazee Rene Cra Lvl 93 Remington
Kiki Drappep Ecaflip Lvl 55 Nox
Acura Sy Cra Lvl 40 Nox

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Okay, i'm on Nox and have been playing for awhile. Yesterday, July 29 2016, I was looking over my player stats and noticed that I have a -20% damage inflicted. This is on both of my characters, both with different gears. I gave all of my gears a check and none of them offer any kind of negatives to damage. So, I'm a bit baffled.
My multimen do not share this negative. I would greatly appreciate any input on this. Maybe it's something that I just didn't notice before? And what could possibly be the...
By Yrrene - 2014-06-22 21:19:47 in General Discussions
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I have been researching this game since I started playing (not that long ago, btw). I tried to find some solid information about tokens through the forums, but all I keep finding are opinions about them, nothing really solid about what is available and where/how to use them. From what I have read so far, there have been more, then they were revamped, then they vanished all but a few, then ....

Can someone just make it clear .. what tokens are available, how to obtain them, where to use them?