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Mlle'Yoyo Iop Lvl 132 Rubilax
Alix Cra Lvl 95 Rubilax
Kara Mel Huppermage Lvl 62 Rubilax
Dmitry Eliotrope Lvl 20 Rubilax

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Man it's been a long time, about two years, since I've played and I'm very ready to get back into the game...Only I've noticed quite a few things have changed and I have much catching up to do. Iop is my fave to main and I'm looking for some help in how to make a proper Iop, or what is considered a good one these days. Would really appreciate it.

I've got a bunch of questions, so I'll drop what I can think of here. Any other help would be amazing!

Fire/Air still the best? What counts as a good...
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Recently returned after a long time being away, and decided my favourite and longest standing character could go with a name change, it's been Yoyochan for such a long time because of the difficult manner in which Wakfu requires names to be.

I thought it would be easier now, but after paying for a name change, I cannot apply any sort of name that even remotely has Yoyo in it. That's been my nickname for 20 something years, it's me, and I'm hoping people could help either with suggestions how I could...