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I'm really craving an MMO at the moment and the only good one I can think of is DOFUS.
The problem is, I feel like I'm so far behind on everyone else that it demotivates me from even trying.
I don't mind if people are richer and/or better than me;
I just find it really demotivating to know that there are players with billions of kamas, running teams of 8 fully geared level 200 characers.

Ever since I started playing DOFUS I always wanted it to be like a regular MMORPG, limited to 1 account per connection.
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First of I want to say that I love the new update
And as most of us know, there's always a high possibility that some things might end up working improperly once new things are implemented. Here's what I've encountered so far:

The very first Kolossium match I had after logging in seemed to be bugged, my screen froze at the map loading screen and after re-logging, the game wouldn't load. The problem seemed to be fixed however when I restarted the game. Red Wyrmling seems to be broken, it tends to...
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As someone who enjoys PVP'ing, it breaks my heart every time I get put up against a team of lvl 199/200's as a level 185 osamodas (as of now).
Kolossium has always been one of the reasons I kept coming back to Dofus, but alot has changed after my recent return.
After starting a new character on Rushu and leveling my way up to the 150's, I decided it was time to finally start participating in Kolossium matches again.
Surprisingly enough (without having been in a Kolossium match once after creating...