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Hope this helps the non believers when it comes to full Vitality sacriers.

Full Vit Sacrier damage example

pain shared/punishment Strategy (damage)

current hp = 6000 +
survivors punishment = 7000hp

6000hp + painshared 20% damage (self & enemy(s) = 1400 damage

survivals punishment +

lightspeed + painshared= 1680 damage.

lightspeed+ painshared+ CLOUDY= 2016 damage

punishment 30% damage (50%hp) = 2100 damage.

light speed+ punishment= 2310 damage.

+ cloudy= 2772 danage

New Scenario/example...

By YoungFaith - 2016-12-03 18:20:43 in Sacrier
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Punishments should be like fogger evolution and turrents as far as choosing the type of role you want to achieve. (tank/damage/positioning)
buff per turn just like osa's tofus or xelor synchro and the previous sac.

Feca shield has 65% sustain. panda 75% hupper can reduce damage by 25%. point is a tank is suited to have some kind of damage deduction, prevention etc. so sac now has 85% damage sustain below 50% hp.

instead of scathing gaining 30% damage after -50%hp scathing should gain an extra 20%...
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The loss of attraction and getting a range debut is to large. nobody actually complained and i understood why it got nerfed by its way to great... put back attractions original range and actually increase pandas barrel if that was the problem or something.