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Member since 2011-11-06


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Last login: 2018-10-03

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Geez... Every day it's either a wall paper or a candy... And two music downloads? Kmon Ankama, give the subscribers some tokens or more set pieces... It's not like this is for F2P.
18 2889
Cereals now you need to wait 600 seconds? 10 minutes? Bread is now knocking down the doors in prices and nobody wants to make anything anymore. Nobody is going to wait this long to make a measly 10kk for 100 bread and I don't blame them. But I'm not gonna be the one paying 30kk+ for anything less than 200+ hp is this going to be changed anytime soon or do we just need to somehow all sub another account for a healing alt to always be in our party?
3 716
I try to ignore bots in trade chat and at the zaap... None of them seem to shut up though, just wanna know if this is a bug or not?