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Don't you feel slightly blinded after seeing that? I've already turned off animations due to performance reasons but I think there's no option to turn off this flickering thing... and my eyes really feel bad. The problem is gone while I'm fighting in creature mode but that's not a good solution for me. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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In the past I remember there was 1 year subscription for 37 500 orgines (if you were already subbed) and now I can only see it for 42 000 ogrines. I'm subscribed and my subscription on this account is going to expire today. I've accumulated ~37 500 ogrines to extend my subscription - I was thinking this 37 500 promotion will still be there... Will it stay like that or there is just something wrong with my browser/dofus account so I can't see subscription discount anymore?

Thanks for any info...
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I've got 40k kolossokens on one character and due to some update I can't exchange them for anything... Seems that I need to have rating of 3000 to be able to exchange them with npc. But how I'm going to do that? I don't pvp on this character at all, I'm not even able to check what's my current rating. When I click "k" I can only see "-" in menu... Any clues how to solve that? I remember I was able to exchange kolossokens in the past without any problems...

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions.