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Hello everyone! i'm a fairly new player who decided to make an Eliotrope (I play mostly PvE, i don't think i'll play PvP until i've got a solid grasp of the game and can offer people a proper challenge) and at first i was running him as a distance fighter but as i leveled up i realized some spells only work on melee range and now i'm considering to change it into a Melee Build so i wanted to ask mainly two things from the more veteran players:
1) Do Portals work with Melee Rules same way Rogue Bombs...
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Hello i'm a new player trying Sadida for the first time, still learning about the skill tree (and pretty much everything) and wanted to ask how i should spend my skill points for a Sadida build that uses Dolls and is mostly for solo PvE, with the limited understanding that i've got thus far i was thinking:
-Sadida Build-
Intelligence: Elemental Resistance (10 points), % HP (Everything else)
Strength: Elemental Mastery (Every Point)
Agility: Initiative (10 Points), Dodge (Everything else)
By Yesberry - 2021-05-30 16:13:47 in Ouginak
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Hello there, i'm a farily new player (just been around for 3 days tops,  finished little more than the tutorial) and i decided to try out the Ouginak, it's been fun so far but for some reason my Ougi's WP don't regenerate after using spells (or spending turns using spells that require AP and not WP) just wanted to ask what am i doing wrong? how does the Ougi recover WP? tried looking in-game for an answer but couldn't find it.

P.S at what level you unlock the Were-Ouginak transformation?