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By superbestofwar - 2017-04-15 08:16:42 in Feca
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The global cooldowns came through during an update which limited spell stacking across the board for all classes. For example, not stacking five Eniripsa's Stimulating Word on one person and so on. It was meant to push variation instead of people running teams of identical classes. Two glyphs means four effects (2x damage and whichever two effects like -MP) on not just one target, but potentially multiple targets in a single turn.

The short of it, is that it was implemented to push for varied teams....
By Matematicar - 2017-05-24 23:37:02 in Feca
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Hey there! Long time Feca here.

Omni builds are difficult and expensive to achieve. There are some possibilities though:104 Dramatik Set 150 Kwismas Nightmare Set (which may be harder to get) 151 Drhossil Set 185 Ougaa SetYou would have to fill in with other items as well. There are also a lot more choices for this at level 200. There's also the issue of not really having enough spell points to raise that many spells, which isn't that much of an issue these days, but still. Especially considering...
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Well, it's me again. lol

Looks like there are some bots hanging out in Brakmar on Rosal, one per location. I believe they are there for exchanging purposes with other bots and they don't seem to move or log off. They just "are" really.

Thanks guys.


(Oops! I didn't realize my friends account was still logs on my lappy! This is Eslanta from Rosal.)