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Outer Hell
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Do you guys think making all these random changes to an Eca gonna fix them.?
Most of us prefer to play an eca as a damage character, giving them defenses won't change much. You still won't find most of them in kolossium.
Ecas were balanced before 2.52. They were strong, but not unbeatable. You guys broke all the spells.

Well idc, I can wait for 10 updates until you guys fix them and during that time I may find another game and never play dofus again. You make random changes and force us to change...
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Not sure why ankama try to balance the classes, even though they admit themselves that they can't balance them. They always try to fix what's not broken and breaks everything.
I'm not gonna play until they fix it, even if it take 10 updates.
By [Briss] - 2018-08-09 16:00:00 in General Discussion
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Please make a pet that would give the same stats as Armoured dt/Karmeleon, I can't use them under the water.