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I just wanna game with people. 
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Like I get that Nation Ring + Sword Combo IS REALLY STRONG, but with new Relics already on the table and potentially stronger Relics coming in the future, Nation Sword's exclusivity due to their power level is slowly becoming moot. 

Maybe we can finally have a follow up achievement-quest after Nations Ring quest which sees us doing alot of mundane tasks in order to earn the Nation sword? 

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As it stand we have these sorts of Environmentals at the moment : 
Solo : Collect 10
Solo : Kill 5
Solo : Catch 5

Collab : Collect X
Collab : Kill X
Collab : Catch X
Collab : Invasion/Horde

Comp : Collect X
Comp : Kill X
Comp : Catch X 

As it stands, Solo gives the least amount of XP, compared to Comp. This much is fine, except for the fact people fight over it due to the XP it gives. 

I mainly want to bring attention to Collab Enviros. 
They reward good XP, but are simply taxing for a single...