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I just wanna game with people. 


Moobve Sram Lvl 200 Rubilax
Edoraeh Ecaflip Lvl 173 Rubilax
Urshunath Twilight Huppermage Lvl 162 Rubilax

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By YasaiTsume - 2021-01-21 12:32:13 in Ecaflip
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Not sure if this has been discussed often but I find it kinda off putting that Ecaflips have huge Damage Ranges on ALL their Elemental spells.

It might have made sense to have a wide damage range for maybe Fire Spells, but Water Spells in general just suffer because of the damage range and Earth spells, while being the most stable of the Elements, are also pretty RNG relient on dealing consistent damage.

Will Eca ever get a rework where the high RNG stuff is pushed into Fire only while leaving...
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Each Multiman has a unique Blood Passive which grants them bonus stats to their role for the number of allies in the group when a fight starts.

While a strong passive, I feel like there is room to squeeze in an additional "Conditional Passive" in order to make Multimen less one-dimensional. 

Here are the suggested changes. 

: Firefoux Blood 
- +% Healing Mastery, Healing Mastery per ally
- Additional effect : 
For each healing skill cast, gain a stack of Forced Hand
Forced Hand :...
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Asturb Knight is the first sidekick the player has access to at the beginning of the game to introduce the Sidekick/Heroes system. 

He is also the only Sidekick companion a FREE player has access to, and as such I feel that he should be made a little more powerful, hence this rework proposal. 

What he currently does and is good at : 
- Light Damage (Chromatic damage that is based on highest mastery, allowing Asturb Knight to fill in Elemental damage for elements the player is missing. 
- Decent...