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Member since 2007-07-09


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Last login: 2019-08-17


Sacrier Lvl Omega 9 Ilyzaelle
Black Black Club
Cra Lvl 188 Echo
Pandawa Lvl 26 Ilyzaelle

Activity on the dofus Forum

11 631
Tried to transfer my char and creating a new account in the process but nothing happened the new account was made but the character didnt get transferred and the ogrines are still on the account anyway to fix this or do i have to move it to an existing account instead?
By Yanlokas - 2014-02-09 03:15:29 in Pandawa
0 865
Figured im gonna start up a int Panda. And would like some info and needed tip about a good build for it. Note its gonna be Mono typed.
By Yanlokas - 2013-05-13 23:36:13 in Sacrier
9 2071
I newly started a sacrier since i felt cras bore me to death. Ive lvld through leeching (dont hate on me thats what people do these days). Im starting to come closer and closer to higher lvls.

And that takes me to my question ive decided im gonna go omni. Problem is i cant decide on what. The ones im thinking about are Cha/Agi, Str/int and Agi/int. If someone could just help me out and ease my mind i would be grateful.