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Ouginak Lvl Omega 110 Echo
Sram Lvl 138 Echo
Eniripsa Lvl 67 Temporis II

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For a personal project, I am creating a non-commercial game using various resources throughout the internet. This project is simply for the purpose of personal growth, experience and developing writing skills. However, due to the limitation of the program, I am forced to find resourced scattered throughout; most which are free assuming you credit the original provider.

I've read the Ankama ToS for quite some time and could not find my awnser, so I am outright asking: is it okay to use the soundtracks...
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To explain what's going on, I used the spell "Elemental Shield" on my Huppermage, and each time I get hit with a specific element, it gets reduced by -5%. It always went as low as your base resistance, however, now it's going below my base resistance into the negatives.

Was this an intended feature, or is this a bug?
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Title says it all.

My expectations are absurdly high for the next two films.

Julith is waifu.

Thank God for Ankama being a company that's more than just games. Your animated work is...