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Member since 2009-04-01


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By XxRyan - 2011-10-12 06:54:36 in Xelor
1 802
Hey everyone, so my xelor is now lvl 100 (finally!). I picked strength xelors since I seem to like strength opposed to other builds but I was wondering whether I should put all my stat points in wisdom and get my strength characteristics from equipments, or should I put all my stat points in strength so I could do more damage and have some wisdom that comes from my gears? I also plan on scrolling wisdom to 101. Would much appreciate some insights on this. Oh and what spells would you guys level for...
By XxRyan - 2010-06-18 01:38:12 in Rosal
0 495
Currently level 47, willing to pay someone to get me to level 100. we can discuss the price online. leave your igns,
or pm me

ign: Hard-Stiles